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Surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the Alcantara river valley, at the foot of the Etna volcano, the Alcantara Formaggi company was built. For the past four generations, the Camuglia family has had the goal of protecting the uniqueness of their products, by carefully studying the traditions of the historic Sicilian cheeses. Today, Salvatore Camuglia and his son Giuseppe have given a new life to the business with the commitment to spread the culture of an ancient knowledge.
The landscape, pastures for cows and sheep are free-range, is the backdrop for this ancient knowledge, which the Camuglia family has passed on for generations, giving their products a unique value.
The Alcantara Formaggi products are created by processing raw milk, unlike industrially produced cheeses that use pasteurization. The raw milk is processed and milked daily, therefore, it’s always fresh and carefully monitored. Alcantara Formaggi only uses Sicilian milk from pasture animals.
The artisanal processing techniques contribute to preserving the unique organoleptic properties, a full flavor enhanced in the different provolone varieties, such as lemon flavored, red pepper, pistachio, and the cheeses dipped in wine must, giving them a unique and intense flavor.
The passion of an ancient art is transmitted to the production of tuna cheese, traditionally made primo sale cheese and pecorino, in the red pepper and arugula varieties. In addition, our product list also has the traditional ricotta cheeses, salted and oven baked, smoked using terracotta bowls, which enhance the aromas and maintain flavors of ancient traditions.
Continued attention for satisfying the consumers’ expectations, and most importantly the commitment to maintaining unaltered the sensory and nutritional characteristics form ancient manufacturing processes. A transformation of the "raw milk" from an uncontaminated environment into a traditional flavor.
At the Alcantara Formaggi store, "La bottega dei sapori", besides finding the company's dairy products, there is also a selection of many of the Sicilian food excellences, such as the pistachio products from Bronte, preserves, cold-cuts, honey, the refined Etna wines, and sparkling wines from renowned local companies. Also, it is possible to request a cheese tasting, as well as the other products, paired with a great glass of Etna wine.
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