Aged Pecorino


Among all the Sicilian dairy products, pecorino has the oldest traditions. The first historical references date back to the 9th century B.C., in one of the iconic passages from the Odyssey, when Ulysses met Polyphemus. The aging process of pecorino, is performed with the traditional dry method: the molds are rubbed periodically in alternate phases with coarse salt and topped-off with olive oil. At this point, the pecorino is ready for aging, which lasts between 4 to 6 months. The production process is very delicate and requires the experience and sensibility that only expert dairy farmers have.


Aged pecorino is an excellent table cheese, with a very pungent flavor. It can be paired with appetizers, fresh onions and fava beans. It is excellent also grated on pasta dishes, for those who like intense flavors.

scheda tecnica

TYPOLOGY / Cheese from ovine milk, long maturing.
INGREDIENTS / Ovine milk, Rennet, Salt.
MILK’S PROVENANCE / Area relating to Etna.
SHAPE / Cylindrical and regular.
CRUST / Gets the basket’s marks.
COLOUR / Deep straw-coloured with light brown areas.
INNER COLOUR AND CRUST / Straw-coloured with golden
inner crust.
HOLES / Thin, uniform and small.
SMELLS / Animal notes and spicy notes.
FLAVOURS / Typical decisive taste, sapid and mild.
FRAGRANCES / Animal and dried fruit notes.
STRUCTURE INSIDE MOUTH / Firstly lumpy, with
microcrystalline elements, then melting and soluble.

SALES UNIT / About 12 Kg, 15 Kg, 20 Kg.
TECHNOLOGICAL ASPECTS / Among Sicilian cheese products, it’s the most ancient. First historical quotations go back to IX century B.C.,
in one of the most famous Odyssey’s passages, when Ulysses meets Polyphemus. The firm has started the procedure for the insertion in
the “Consorzio Volontario di Tutela” of Sicilian DOP “Pecorino”. Drying ripening. The whole cheese is periodically and alternatively rubbed
with coarse salt and covered with oil. Thus the cheese is ready for maturing that varies from 4 to 6 months. The manufacturing cycle is very
scrupulous and requires experience and sensibility that only the most skilful cheese maker can have.
QUALITY CONTROL / H.A.C.C.P. System implemented in the whole productive process; product distribution with hazards control and sixmonth
system control through internal and external second audit to main suppliers.
TRACK / Track system applied for every production lot with acquisition of information and origin lots for raw materials, packaging products
and execution’s charge in every degree of production cycle.
TRACEABILITY / Capability for recall all deployment units at sale within 6 hours from non conformity manifestation. Non conform product’s
withdrawal in 72 hours from sales freeze.
RIPENING / 120 days.
SHELF LIFE / 180 days.
PRESERVATION / Keep in fridge at positive temperature + 4° C.
PACKAGING / Vacuum-packed and heated foods bag.
BACH CODING / 6 digits corresponding to start production’s day, month and year.


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