Fresh Pecorino from the Alcantara Valley


It’s a fresh cheese made from raw whole sheep milk. It has a spicy flavor and a persistent aroma, thanks to the minimum 30-day aging. The crust is soft and wrinkly, the texture is soft and compact, with minimal holes. It can be seasoned traditionally with black pepper, or with arugula, red pepper or pistachios, other typical Sicilian aromas.


A typical table cheese, served both at the beginning or at the end of the meal, and accompanied with refined local olives.

scheda tecnica

TYPOLOGY / Fresh cheese from ovine milk.
INGREDIENTS / Ovine milk, Rennet, Salt.
MILK’S PROVENANCE / Area relating to Etna.
SHAPE / Cylindrical and regular.
CRUST / Gets the basket’s marks.
COLORE / Straw-coloured.
COLORE INTERNO E SOTTOCROSTA / Clear straw-coloured.
HOLES / Thin, uniform and small.
STRUCTURE / Dense, moderately elastic.
SMELLS / Balance of lactic, vegetal and animal notes.
FLAVOURS / Balance of Mild, tart and sapid.
FRAGRANCES / Lactic and mid animal.
STRUCTURE INSIDE MOUTH / Firstly lumpy then melting and

SALES UNIT / About 1 Kg, 3 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 15 Kg, 20 Kg.
TECHNOLOGICAL ASPECTS / Raw ovine milk, that originates in two milkings at most, is congealed with lamb’s rennet. The curd is
discharged of whey in baskets and rummaged with traditional techniques that require only manual operations. Stewing in whey and dry
salting. The cheese becomes ripen in natural environments. Product requiring short maturing.
QUALITY CONTROL / H.A.C.C.P. System implemented in the whole productive process; product distribution with hazards control and sixmonth
system control through internal and external second audit to main suppliers.
TRACK / Track system applied for every production lot with acquisition of information and origin lots for raw materials, packaging products
and execution’s charge in every degree of production cycl.
TRACEABILITY / Capability for recall all deployment units at sale within 6 hours from non conformity manifestation. Non conform product’s
withdrawal in 72 hours from sales freeze.
RIPENING / 7 days.
SHELF LIFE / 120 days.
PRESERVATION / Keep in fridge at positive temperature + 4° C.
PACKAGING / Vacuum-packed and heated foods bag.
BACH CODING / 6 digits corresponding to start production’s day, month and year.